On Wednesday, the Union home ministry announced the blocking of 100 websites engaged in orchestrated investment scams or task-based economic frauds.

MeitY based on the National Cybercrime Threat Analysis Unit's (NCTAU) recommendation under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), taken the action to block these websites.

According to the ministry, these websites were enabling organized illegal investment-related economic crimes through task-based activities and were found to be operated by overseas entities.

The overseas actors allegedly utilized digital advertising, chat messengers, and mule/rented accounts for these activities.

Numerous complaints were registered through the 1930 helpline and the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (NCRP) related to these fraudulent activities.

The Ministry emphasized that "these offenses were presenting significant threats to citizens and also entailed data security concerns."

The targets are often retirees, women, and unemployed youth seeking part-time employment.

Upon clicking the advertisement, an agent on WhatsApp/Telegram engages with the potential victim, convincing them to undertake tasks like 'video likes,' subscriptions, and map ratings, among other seemingly straightforward assignments.

After completing the initial tasks, the victim receives a commission and is persuaded to invest more for greater returns.

After gaining confidence, when the victim deposits a larger sum, deposits are frozen, and thus the victim is duped.